A corporate identity is simply the 'image' that an organisation expresses. It may be made up of visual material (logo, company colours, type of photography used etc.), along with less obvious things, such as the way your phone is answered and the way that your staff dress and speak.

The most common mistake is to regard a logo as a corporate identity. In the same way that you wouldn’t expect someone to really know you as a person by looking at the colour of your shoes, a logo is only going to go so far in expressing the values and attitude of your organisation.

Corporate identity schemes often have guidelines designed along with them. These manuals act as a guide to the people within the organisation (and designers) as to how the things that are important to your image should be done to maintain consistency and effectiveness.

Many people make the classic mistake of confusing identity and brand. Identity is the the visible manifestation of an organisation, brands are made in the minds of the consumer. No one can design a brand, however designers can create the elements necessary for the consumer to create a relationship with a product in a way that benefits them and the company that produces it.

At GMID we create identities and help our clients to develop their brands.

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